Food Photography

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Being prepped.
Being cooked.
Being presented.
Being eaten.
Food. I love it. Professionally and personally.

Photographing food is always a challenge.
There are a hundred ways of posing, lighting and shooting even a single tomato.
But only one that’s absolutely right for that tomato, that client and the job the image has to do.

Here’s how it works…

-Get in touch. The consultation and quote are absolutely free.
-Product. It’s useful for me to see samples if we are shooting a particular product.
-Location. We can shoot at my studio in Fulham, hire another studio or do it on location.
-Food stylist. Food styling is a real skill. Styling the food yourself or with my help will save you money if your budget is limited. To really stand out, I’d recommend hiring a food stylist.
-Props. How will the food be presented? You can source props yourself or with my help. For more complex projects a food or prop stylist is almost always worthwhile.
-Models. I can help you source professional models.
-Quote. Once we’ve agreed a plan and a date, I’ll provide you with a quote and ask you to approve the estimated cost.

-My favourite part! When possible, I shoot linked to a laptop so that my clients and the stylist can see the results and sign off on the shots as we go.

-Web gallery. We usually end up with several shots of the same dish. I upload the images to a web gallery and you pick your favourite.
-Processing. Your chosen images are processed to optimise exposure, contrast, colour, composition and lens corrections.
-Photoshopping. Most photos needs some retouching. Even if it’s just checking for dust spots!
-Online delivery. You access the images digitally via a downloadable link. You can also order a back-up disc.
-Invoice. I’ll email an invoice. Payment is due within 30 days, but sooner is better!
-Smile. Pat yourself on the back. Job’s done!