Interior Photography


Communicating space

Two important questions.
What does the image have to do?
Who does it have to communicate with?

Know that and then there are a hundred decisions.

Technical ones: light, angle of view, camera position, lighting contrast.

Content ones: props and where to place them, what to exclude, what to include, what to hide.

I love spaces, I love communicating them:

Residential, Commercial, Restaurants, Hotels, Pubs & Bars, Public, Private, Complete, Under construction, Occupied, Empty, Heritage, Pristine, Derelict

Here’s how it works…

-Get in touch. The consultation and quote are absolutely free.
-Location. I’m happy to meet you at the property to walk through your requirements before the shoot.
-Props. How will the property be presented? You can source your props or I can help. For many projects an interior stylist will be useful.
-Models. If you need models for your photos, I can help source them.
-Quote. Once we’ve agreed a plan and a date, I’ll provide a quote and ask you to approve the estimated cost.

My favourite part! Some clients prefer to let me get on with it on my own. Others like to be there, point out the shots they need, and help with the art direction. I’m happy either way. This is your shoot, make sure you get the most out of it!

-Web gallery. We usually end up with several shots of the same room. I upload the images to a web gallery and you pick your favourite.
-Processing. Your chosen images are processed to optimise exposure, contrast, colour, composition and lens corrections.
-Photoshopping. Most photos needs some retouching. Even if it’s just checking for dust spots!
-Online delivery. You access the images digitally via a downloadable link. You can also order a back-up disc.
-Invoice. I’ll e-mail an invoice. Payment is due within 30 days, but sooner is better!
-Smile. Pat yourself on the back. Job’s done!