Moving images

A photograph is a moment in time.
A video is a slice of time.
Different, but similar.

Each has to move the audience it’s aimed at.
Each has to prompt the right decision.

Whether the right image is static or moving is an audience-driven judgement.
Whichever you choose – and it’s not a binary decision – I’ll provide.
Videos are made with the same vision, imagination and technical expertise as a single shot. And if a crew is needed I know who to involve.

Every shoot is different, but some things usually repeats themselves. Here’s a list of what to expect and what to consider.

-Get in touch. The consultation and quote are absolutely free.
-Product. It’s useful for me to see samples first if we are shooting a particular product.
-Location. We can shoot at my studio in Fulham, hire another studio or on location.
-Stylist. Although it’s not essential, and whether it’s food or interior, using a stylist will bring real zing to your video.
-Props. Props help make compelling video. You can source props yourself, with my help or we can bring in a prop specialist.
-Models. I can help you source professional models.
-Audio. I’m a photographer. I can light things beautifully and capture them on the camera, but if sound is important, I recommend we hire a specialist.
-Quote. When we’ve agreed a plan and a date, I’ll provide a quote and ask you to approve the estimated cost.

My favourite part! It’s like photography coming alive.

-Editors. My background is photography, and I strongly believe you should stick to what you do best. I know lots of editors who would do your film proud.
Online delivery. You access your videos digitally via a downloadable link. You can also order a back-up disc.
-Invoice. You get an invoice by email that is due for payment within 30 days.
-Smile. Pat yourself on the back. Job’s done!