Fast Food Menus


Fast food; photography for menus

I love collaborating with other creatives and seeing my own photographs as a part of a bigger design.

I recently photographed the whole menu for the Italian café Nuvola at Euston Tower. Graphic designer Ed Kirwan from Yellow Creative sprinkled his magic design dust over my photos to create these eye-catching window posters and over-the-counter menus.


“Marte’s amazing photos made my job of designing the menus and posters so much easier. It was a breath of fresh air working alongside such a talented photographer!”

Ed Kirwan,
Lead Creative,
Yellow Creative

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so it was interesting to hear that sales had increased for dishes on the menu that had previously been overlooked before the new photos went up.
If you are a café or restaurant owner, food producer or importer and want to increase your sales, please get in touch. I’d love to discuss how my photography can help you!